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Get it Straight! The Benefits of a Laser Paper Cutter.



A paper cutter, also known as a guillotine paper cutter, is a device used to cut a set of papers at one time. The instrument is typically found in offices and, occasionally, in classrooms, and produces paper with a straight edge.


A paper cutter is composed of a hard surface, usually with a grid on it, and a steel blade on one side. One end of the blade or knife is attached to one corner, while the other end is a handle.


While this type of cutter was just fine and dandy for all those years; a newer kind of paper cutter is now available in the market. The laser paper cutter is a kind of paper cutter with a built-in laser beam that helps guide the paper, making the cut as precise as possible.


The laser paper cutter is ideal for use in offices. Laser paper cutters are also great tools for photography enthusiasts, for print work, and for arts and crafts purposes. 


There are various models of laser or guillotine paper cutters out in the market today. When buying a laser paper cutter, it is important to look into several factors.



Laser Paper Cutters - Buying Tips


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  • First, determine how you will be using it. This can help you decide on what exact model to buy. 
  • Next, look into the number of sheets the model can cut at any one time. If you need to cut reams of paper, get one that can cut several sheets at a time.
  • Also, look into features that will help make your cutting easier. Some laser paper cutters have their very own self-sharpening systems, allowing minimal maintenance. 

Safety guards help prevent accidents, while sliding guides make sure that the alignment is perfect. Other laser paper cutters also have automatic laser shut-off systems, helping increase the life of the laser.

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  • Don’t forget to look into additional features, such as calibrated ruler guides, built-in templates for standard paper sizes, number of batteries needed (for the laser), and rubber feet to prevent skidding.
  • Before finally buying a paper laser cutter machine, it is best to compare the prices of the different models available. This can be easily accomplished online, starting at the links shown above.

The cost of a laser paper cutter typically ranges from $50 to over $100, depending on the model. 


Laser paper cutters are practical tools you will surely use for a long time. Whether you’re doing small, homemade cards or large office projects, your work will surely be faster and more accurate with this device. If you want speed and efficiency, get yourself a laser paper cutter!

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